What types of scaffolding are there on the market?

Types of scaffolding

At scaffolding in Birmingham, we believe the different types of scaffolding can be classified, according to their general function, into:

1. Work scaffolding

2. Security scaffolding

3. Service scaffolding

4. Shoring scaffolding

Work scaffolding

The work scaffolding is the most used. Within the work scaffolding, the selection of the manufacturing material is one of the most important aspects. These types of scaffolds can be divided into:

1. Metallic scaffolding

2. Fiberglass scaffolding

3. Wood scaffolding or the combined type

Then each of them will be developed emphasizing its main applications:

Metallic scaffolding

Constructed mainly in aluminum and steel. They are used in the construction industry and in general maintenance activities. It is made up of stackable sections that allow it to adapt to different heights according to the requirement.

Unlike steel scaffolding, aluminum scaffolds are light structures, with mobile characteristics. They can have lateral stabilizers and are adaptable to different practical situations.

Fiber scaffolding

This type of scaffolding is made of fiberglass and is used mainly in the electrical, industrial and any other work area where an explosive atmosphere may occur. The construction material in the fiber scaffolds are fiberglass tubes which give it insulating properties and high mechanical resistance.

The vertical side ladder is incorporated into the scaffolding in the frames on one of its sides. The height of manufacture is variable, depending on the requirement and is usually tested under the action of an electric current, following the guidelines of the European Standard EN 61235.

Wood scaffolding and combined types

The wood was used in the first support structures carried out to support construction activities and infrastructure maintenance. On many occasions, it is combined with metal structures. At present, its use is not standardized, being this type of scaffolding relegated to very small scale home constructions.

At scaffolding in Birmingham, we are of the opinion that the use of scaffolding is subject to a set of actions ranging from the service, selection, construction, disassembly and general aspects of industrial safety.

All these scaffolds can be found in our catalog. If you have questions or need more information about them, you can get in touch with our experts who will be happy to help you.